New Beginnings

With just having had Easter and the start of spring new beginnings are everywhere to be seen. If you look outside you can see flowers emerging from the earth, leaves starting to reappear on branches and new little lambs running around the fields. It is impossible not to think about one’s own life and reflect … Continue reading New Beginnings


Toxic people and removing them from your life

So, how do you identify a "toxic person"? Here are some of the signs? They talk more than they listen. they have difficulty on focusing on things that don't directly affect them. they listen half-heartedly rather than trying to engage in two-way conversations. 2. They are never wrong. They externalise responsibility when things go wrong. … Continue reading Toxic people and removing them from your life

New Year Intentions

"I release all things from the past year that has caused any negative attachment. I prepare and welcome new changes, new lessons and new adventures. I welcome new opportunities to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually." Namasté The Buddha Way I have been giving a lot of thought this week to setting new year intentions. Having … Continue reading New Year Intentions

The Gift of Kindness At Christmas


IMG_1098At Christmas, it’s easy to get caught up in the seasonal excitement of buying and exchanging often expensive gifts we can’t afford and they don’t really need. We look forward to seeing the faces of our loved ones light up when they open our presents, the all-round smiles say it all. But sometimes it can be just a temporary happiness: the item breaks down, doesn’t fit, goes out of fashion or needs updating, it wasn’t the right model, they already have two… And then the credit card bill often provides one heck of a shock in January.

Many of us are feeling the pinch this year and Christmas can be a worrying time financially. But there are other ways of giving that bring joy and make a positive difference to the lives of the recipients which won’t almost bankrupt us when the festive season is over. There are…

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