So de-cluttering is something that I have been thinking quite a lot about this week. Fall seems like the perfect time to clear out and start again. I have been thinking about how things change in nature, the trees are losing their leaves, animals are getting ready to hibernate and everything is preparing to change. This has got me thinking about making changes and shedding some of the excesses in my own life.

I started in the kitchen (easier than the shoe closet!) and said goodbye to those pots that I don’t use, you know the ones, they have scratches on the bottom or they get pushed to the back of the cupboard in order to use different ones. Then it was time to go through the cupboards, to my eternal embarrassment I found herbs and spices that were years past their sell-by dates, three packets of cloves, two of sage and two of thyme, lesson learnt, check cupboards in future before going shopping.

Next onto emails – why I haven’t deleted the endless “how to get rid of your belly fat” emails remains a mystery but they are now all gone along with all the other pointless emails that I seem to be holding onto.

I intend to move on and clear out the toys that the kids no longer play with, hopefully I will find somewhere to take them that means they will get played with some more (any ideas welcome).

I also hope to donate some of my clothes, books, kids toys etc to those who need and can make use of them.

I am hoping that by clearing out the clutter in my home that I will also be able to declutter my mind a bit. Perhaps the letting go of the physical things that do not serve me will help encourage the letting go of the emotions, toxic relationships and feelings that are holding me back and preventing me from moving onto a happy, fulfilled future.


Clutter 2

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