Christmas 2017

So here we are – the 27th December, Christmas over for another year. I put myself under too much pressure to keep everyone else happy this year and have learned an important lesson from that, sometimes we need to put ourselves first to ensure the happiness of others.

Let me start at the beginning, I ended up promising too much in terms of who we would go to visit and when so much so that I didn’t have Christmas dinner until Boxing Day. We were at my in-laws for brunch (yummy) and my parents for tea meaning that we missed out on the bit in between. As a result I said that we would have lunch at home on Boxing Day, myself, hubby and kids but he ended up getting called out to work meaning that by the time we were ready to eat the youngest was ready for her nap and the older two had eaten lots of chocolate and were no longer hungry. By that point I felt that Christmas had been a disappointment – keeping everyone else happy meant that I didn’t have the Christmas that I had wanted. This got me to thinking – how can I rectify so that this doesn’t happen next year?

I am guilty of not looking after myself as much as I should. During 2018 I hope to practice self-care a bit more so that by the time Christmas comes I am better at saying no and not feeling guilty about it and not feeling judged or that I am letting others down.

I am hoping to spend some time in what is left of this week planning my goals for 2018 – I will post about that once I have given it some more thought.

In the meantime wishing you love, peace and joy in what is left of the season of goodwill.


Trish xx

One thought on “Christmas 2017

  1. It’s easy to do. Sometimes you have no choice, as in our case where we have to travel 3 hours to pick up my elderly mum, take care of her for 5 days, and cater for our chldren and grandchildren so she can spend some time with them as they live too far apart, then take her back. We spend the whole 10 of Christmas ‘week’ cooking, cleaning, changing beds, even building and dismantling beds and being our cheery, entertaining selves and then collapse on the sofa for a week afterwards! I wish you a Happy, healthy New Year and I hope you a hieve your goal 👌🏻😊


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